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Encanto Consultants is a modern business consultancy practice focused on delivering results for our clients. A business consultancy practice which is international in reach yet focused on the specific regional requirements of our clients.


Encanto specialises in

Negotiation, Closing, Conflict Resolution and International Business Development. We have a dedicated team of experienced consultants strategically placed in three international offices to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Negotiation is a vital skill for any business both large and small. The ability to negotiate can often make the difference between success and…


Closing is the way that any business gains their desired outcome, whether it be a new working relationship; a sale of a certain number of products…

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the business arena is normal but what is key is the way that it is managed and resolved. Conflict management is the process of…

International Business Development

The modern business world has become smaller and the need for a business to venture into international markets has become significantly…


The team at Encanto consultants are on side to deliver structured training and development packages on Negotiation, Closing, Conflict resolution and International Business Development. 

These training packages allow us to share our knowledge with your team and enable them to feel more comfortable when involved in complex negotiation situations and more comfortable closing deals and handling conflict situations. With the tailored training programs Encanto Consultants share their knowledge and skill set using a mentorship approach. Your team will feel comfortable and secure knowing they have Encanto supporting them and guiding them through difficult business situations.

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Careers at Encanto

Encanto Consultants are always looking to add to their experienced portfolio of international consultants. We are an inclusive and team based organisation, which values the belief that no one has the monopoly on good ideas.

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We are always interested to meet potential team members to join our fast-growing, dynamic team of professionals in order to continue providing a personalised, efficient, professional and confidential service to our increasing portfolio of clients.


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Communication is central to how Encanto Consultancy works. It doesn’t matter to us how trivial you think the problem is, we’re here to help so don’t hesitate in saying hello.

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Our Offices

Encanto Consultants has a number of international regional offices strategically positioned to ensure our clients needs are always prioritised. Whether our clients are based in London, Japan or Saudi Arabia, they are never far away from an Encanto Consultant.