Encanto Consultants

Encanto consultancy understands the importance of being a global player.
Whether you are already operating internationally or aim to expand international, Encanto will open doors

into new markets for you and provide you with the gateway you have been looking for.

If you’re fed up with business consultants who never really
deliver but just talk the talk, then maybe it’s time to make
a positive change and bring in Encanto.

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Encanto consultancy evolved from the need for more creativity and out of the box thinking when solving the problems facing modern businesses in the ever changing global market.

“People do business with people. By partnering with Encanto Consultants, you are ensuring your people are teamed up with the best people from Encanto. Together we will prove that nothing is impossible.”

Founding Director, Shazad Ajmal.

Encanto is all about bringing people together, focusing on negotiation to ensure partners are going into important negotiation meetings with a position of strength.

Whether it’s a small company going into talks with larger businesses, sitting in a boardroom feeling pressure and intimidation, Encanto will help to level the playing field, representing all businesses professionally and making sure all customers are aligned with their philosophy to ensure they aren’t bullied or controlled in the boardroom.

There are three major points to Encanto, these are Negotiation, Closing Deals and Conflict Management.

Encanto specialises in

Negotiation, Closing, Conflict Resolution and International Business Development. We have a dedicated team of experienced consultants strategically placed in three international offices to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Negotiation is a vital skill for any business both large and small. The ability to negotiate can often make the difference between success and…


Closing is the way that any business gains their desired outcome, whether it be a new working relationship; a sale of a certain number of products…

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the business arena is normal but what is key is the way that it is managed and resolved. Conflict management is the process of…

International Business Development

The modern business world has become smaller and the need for a business to venture into international markets has become significantly…

“In business as in life you don’t get what you deserve you get what you negotiate.”

Chester L. Karrass


“Don’t celebrate closing a sale, celebrate opening a relationship.”

Patricia Fripp


Our Offices

Encanto Consultants has a number of international regional offices strategically positioned to ensure our clients needs are always prioritised. Whether our clients are based in London, Japan or Saudi Arabia, they are never far away from an Encanto Consultant.