Doing Business Worldwide

At Encanto Consulting we understand business around the world. Each and every culture is different and that’s how we can help companies with negotiation, closing and any conflict management that is needed whether in the UK, Japan, the UAE or elsewhere.

Encanto provides support to its customers across the globe to ensure these clients make the best deals with the right people.

Japan has become a major region of focus for Encanto and new relationships and connections are currently being made there to ensure the Japanese have the best introductions to businesses around the world.

Difference in culture as well as a language barrier can become difficult when negotiations are on the line. This is where Encanto come in. Encanto works closely with clients to understand their business, research into the businesses they are wanting to make deals with, make the necessary appointments, be there at all negotiations, close the required deals, manage training and mentorship ongoing and build the best relationships between people and businesses.

The skills the consultants have at Encanto enable them to deliver the best outcome to companies in different countries, for example they have created great relationships between businesses in the UK and Thailand, Japan and the UK and countries within the Middle East.

The main areas of focus are supporting clients in negotiation, closing deals and dealing with conflict resolution.

By providing businesses with the skills necessary through training and mentorship, company employees have the competence to be able to handle these situations themselves or call on Encanto to step in to provide their expertise.

Encanto works with businesses in the UK, UAE, Thailand and the USA. Encanto is looking to take a leap into the Japanese market over the next few months to impart their experience and knowledge and enhance businesses in Japan in expenditure throughout the world.

Japan in business can appear to be more complex, this is mainly due to the difference in culture rather than a difference in business relations. The culture in the UK for example is very different to Japanese culture. At Encanto we understand these differences and ensure everyone can work together in harmony.

Take a look at the differences to Japan and the UK:

Preparation is key in Japan, employees will always be highly prepared when entering a meeting, whereas in the UK employees can attend a meeting with little preparation and few valuable answers to bring to the table.

In the UK people tend to pass over the small details focusing solely on the higher level, whereas in Japan the small details are essential to understand everything fully.

The British can make quick rash decisions on large business negotiations with the potential to change their minds further down the line, whereas the Japanese will take a longer time for their decision making, however are less likely to change their minds once the decision is made.

None of these facts are large issues, it’s just a case of everyone understanding each other’s approach and being mindful of how the other operates to ensure a suitable outcome is guaranteed for both parties.

To become successful worldwide you have to have the ability to change your approach to match the culture and the etiquette of the country and people you’re looking to work with. This is where Encanto can help, Encanto understands every single approach from these nationalities to ensure smooth, efficient meetings and the outcome that’s best for everyone.

If you’d like to create business with countries worldwide contact Encanto Consultants here.

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