International Business Development

What is International Business Development?


International Business Development is ensuring business growth worldwide and to do this business owners and their employees are required to adapt to societies and cultures of the country they are working in. As well as adapting to these areas, there are skills to learn to ensure those in the business understand technology, banking, legalities and trade of the new location amongst several others.

With extensive growth opportunities occurring in the current climate, many companies are stepping in to provide products and services to other countries’ consumers, and business development professionals are available to provide the necessary legal, financial, and cultural bridge between the supplier and consumer.

Strategies are required to be introduced to determine whether International Business Development is suitable to your business. One of the most basic strategies is to understand your product or service and the target market in your potential new location. The explanation for choosing your new location must be business orientated, there must be a requirement for your product or service and the ability for growth. You may find you need to adapt to your chosen target market due to differences between your country of residence and theirs. Looking at what you can do differently is the most important place to begin. Of course, choosing a country where you have an engaged target market is preferable.

Preparation is key when embarking on a new initiative, once you have your goal and target market planned then ensuring your businesses is ready to take on the new challenge follows

International firms such as Encanto Consultants are available to support with preparation, they employ business development professionals in multiple locations globally who are proficient in the same training and understanding of knowledge, ethics and practices. Engaging with an external company such as Encanto can support either temporarily or permanently and can infuse your business with new perspectives as well as challenge your basic assumptions. It is much better they do it than your prospective clients do.

Taking advice from an International Business Developer provides consistent knowledge, their areas of study, ability and awareness include understanding the culture, law, economy, business practice and trade patterns of the target country. They provide a broader understanding of issues which affect international work as a whole and have experience in this form of cross culture work previously.

The international business development industry is a specialised field and one which can bind businesses and look to the future in terms of marketing products and services worldwide.

Gaining cultural intelligence training as a business can protect your business providing you with improved understanding and the ability to analyse an unfamiliar culture.

As discussed previously, adaptation of your business is potentially required. An intelligent professional will be able to apply their knowledge on International Business Development to ensure your business remains competitive when transforming any products and services for your new international target market.

Reviewing your workforce is also another necessary step to taking your business international.  It is so much easier for a business to work with people you have known for many years. But as comfortable as it is, it will set you back. Employing new people to make your team as diversified as possible on all parameters (gender, age, education, nationality etc.) can ensure you have the knowledge and skills to excel in your new environment.

If you are working towards an international business ensure you prepare well, look into any adaptations you may require and the workforce you will need. Taking on a professional to support with the next milestone for your business will ensure you’re on the right track to success!


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