Encanto’s Purpose

Negotiation, Closing and Conflict Management

Encanto is all about bringing people together, focusing on negotiation to ensure partners are going into important negotiation meetings with a position of strength.

Whether it’s a small company going into talks with larger businesses, sitting in a boardroom feeling pressure and intimidation, Encanto will help to level the playing field, representing all businesses professionally and making sure all customers are aligned with their philosophy to ensure they aren’t bullied or controlled in the boardroom.

There are three major points to Encanto, these are Negotiation, Closing Deals and Conflict Management. These are the areas we’ll be covering here today.



A negotiation takes place between a group of people to come to a suitable agreement within several different circumstances, whether it be due to conflict, a new business deal or to establish working relationships.
When negotiating a new business deal research is imperative to ensure the topic is relevant and attractive to every participant and that both parties understand and trust the solution.

Being placed in a situation where negotiation is required can be daunting and can sometimes be overwhelming for the person who wants to actually make the request or business deal with another company. When faced with this situation it can be more suitable and business savvy to bring in a professional. Professionals are fully trained in business negotiation (exactly as Hostage Negotiators are) to put forward the ideas, gain the trust of the other party and put the full idea, benefits and results to the table.


Closing Deals

Closing the deal is the way that the business gains their desired outcome, whether it be a new working relationship, a sale of a certain number of products or the signature on a contract.

Every step throughout a sales process is important but knowing when to close the deal can be detrimental. If you attempt to close at the wrong time, the company you’re hoping to strike a deal with may pull out quickly.
Learning how to close can be particularly necessary for your business if you’re a person who doesn’t get your ideas across easily to others or doesn’t judge the situation well, again a professional may be more suitable for you to ensure you gain the outcome you need.

A professional in closing deals is fully training in assessing the situation, understanding what people mean through their words and body language and knowing, most importantly, when a person is likely to agree to your proposal.


Conflict Management

Conflict management is the process of reducing the negativity around any particular issue while stressing the positivity around the reason for the conflict. Conflict management can become necessary in a business to enable different sets of people to understand each other and their ideas in a more reasonable way. The outcome can enable a higher effective working environment with increased performance and learning.

There may not necessarily be a reason for conflict resolution within a company for them to require conflict management, it may just be that employees don’t have a similar outlook and so require training to understand each other and why they think and act in a particular way, promoting the positives in each new issue that arises.

Employing an external contracted professional to support a company through conflict management can be essential to ensure each participant trusts their views are heard and accommodated.

If your business requires any professional advice on negotiating, closing deals or conflict management Encanto has an international team who focus on these specific areas and are available to support you through your needs.

Contact Encanto to see how they can help.

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