Meet our CEO

Shazad Ajmal is the CEO of Encanto Consultants, Encanto was created through the passion Shazad holds in bringing people together and working on a level playing field.

Throughout his many years in business Shazad has worked tirelessly whilst, none the less, enjoying thoroughly, his work of travelling around the world and connecting businesses and people in the best and most effective ways.

Shazad loves nothing more than proving that things can be achieved. In a world where many believe it’s impossible Shazad will endeavour to research, fact find and understand people in a way that others can’t, to enable relationships to grow and deals to be made.

Encanto has been prevalent in many countries around the globe specifically in the Middle and Far East, UK, Singapore and Thailand working with business from large corporations to small independent organisations to gain the outcome required from their clients.

Difference in cultures around the world can make business more complex and this is where Encanto can guide senior management in perfecting their offers and closing deals to ensure it’s the best for both parties. Respecting each and every culture is high on the list of necessities for Shazad as he understands you don’t want to change a person’s culture; you want to nurture it and allow others to understand and work together no matter what their background.

Over the years Shazad has worked with outstanding companies providing them with the outcome they were looking for, from connecting a small business in Thailand with the Thai Government, to representing major Snooker players in managing deals with governing bodies and international associations. Encanto focus on the luxury in today’s world of retail, connecting countries in imports and exports, wholesale distribution and luxury items as well as many other industries. Shazad is confident that Encanto can achieve results for any industry and therefore only charges expenses until the deals are done.

Small businesses can benefit from using the services Shazad and his team provide. It can be overwhelming for a small business owner to be in front of a boardroom of high-powered executives who may appear overconfident and demanding, feeling pressured and intimidated. Encanto wants to ensure the smaller businesses have the chance in working with these large corporations, by empowering them to be able to stand their ground and have that position of strength they may not have had previously.

Encanto support from research through negotiations and to the final segment of closing the deal. Although these areas are the main focus for Shazad and the Encanto team the support and guidance doesn’t end there.

Shazad wants to ensure that long lasting relationships are created and can always follow up initial negotiations and closing with full training and mentorship which can enable the companies to handle these situations themselves in the future. Although many clients still ask for Encanto’s support in future deals to ensure success.

Encanto is continuously expanding and the next stage is to move into other countries such as Japan. Japan will become a major country in business for Encanto over the next few years. Shazad has been in discussions already with numerous major companies in Japan to support them in expanding to the UK market. Working with these businesses to negotiate the best deals to allow those relationships to continue. The language barrier can sometimes be an issue when dealing cross-country and the Encanto team will always support through this area too, overcoming certain differences to ensure deals and friendships are made.

If you have major deal negotiations you would like support in, don’t hesitate to contact Shazad or his team here

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