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Encanto Consultants majorly work with businesses who want to expand into other countries or have issues which need support managing, however, there is another section of Encanto which supports world class and budding sports players in achieving their dreams in their sporting career.


Currently Encanto is working with world renowned snooker players such as Thepchaiya Un-Nooh from Thailand. We work closely with him and people like him to negotiate with world governing bodies to ensure these players gain as much exposure as possible, this gives them more of an opportunity to be able to pursue their career and move forward in their game.


Having a sports agent ensures that communication between the person represented, their manager, team and other individuals is consistent and suitable for the person involved. This enables the sports player to achieve the best deals and the most suitable steps in their career for the person involved.

We don’t claim to be sports agents, however we provide a similar service which can be more cost effective. This service can be provided to any type of sports player, no matter which level or which sport.


Encanto provide support with transfers through negotiation deals, using the same skills that are used in a business environment as well as the sports world. Support can also be provided with visas as well as many other issues and events which can occur within this industry.


Conflict can occur in sports, when this occurs resolution is required, whether this be during a transfer or at any other period in a sporting career. Encanto can step in to help resolve any issues that do occur. Conflict is common in sports especially when there is a team involved, every single team player will have their own opinion and may not necessarily agree with each other. It’s always important that each player understands how and why someone has the opinion they do, as they are unlikely to just change their opinion to suit another team member. Encanto can help teams to understand these conflicting thoughts and work well together as a team.

In a person’s sporting career unexpected things can occur, there may be a suspension for some reason or a suspected conviction. This can be the most stressful time in a person’s life, this is where Encanto can step in and guide you through those tough times and ensure you come out of it with your career still intact and have a way to continue to work in the sports field. Encanto would represent the sports person through the whole period, ensuring they gain the best deal and that all issues are rectified.


If Encanto seems like the perfect solution to you then we’ll be totally honest with you, we’d advise you of exactly what we think we can get you and exactly what it will cost to get you there.


If you’d like to speak with Encanto Consultants about their programme and what they can offer you in your sports field then please do contact Encanto at:

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